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Peter Ruting was born in Amsterdam on the 5th of November 1938 and passed away on the 12th of February 2015. As ayoung man Peter studied in Amsterdam at the Institute of Fine Arts and Crafts, nowadays called "the Rietveld Academy". After his graduation in 1960 he worked as a freelance photographer. In 1968 he branched out and opened a studio in Amsterdam. All sorts of people found their way to him, bringing in a wide range of commissions. Advertising agencies, companies, and other organizations called on him, to photograph projects of increasing scale. Amongst the largest commissions where campaigns for banks, breweries, and the dairy industry.

In the meantime, Peter Ruting felt a growing need to spend time on his own work. During the seventies, he decreased his commercial commitments, and concentrated more and more on his personal work.
Around 1980 the balance shifted markedly in favor of the exploration of his own photography. Though the ground work had been ready for some time, the shift was a slow process. In 1983 Peter Ruting made his debut with results of his photographic explorations at the Canon Photo Gallery in Amsterdam. Since that day many exhibitions of his work have followed, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Exhibitions from 1983 - 2014
Canon Photo Gallery Amsterdam
Nikon Foto Gallery Zürich
Art Display Schiphol airport
Galerie Daguerre Paris
Photography Gallery Düsseldorf
Museum Aemstelle Amstelveen
FNAC Etoile Paris, Brussels, and more
Singer Museum Laren
Photographer's gallery London
Paule Pia Antwerp
Museum Klooster Ter Apel
Canon Photo Gallery Amsterdam
Weston States Museum Santa Barbara, CA.
Weston Gallery Carmel, CA.
Galerie 't Pakhuys Naarden
Galerie Bellamy Vlissingen
Galerie Zur Stockeregg Zürich
Rosa Spier Huis Laren
Art Center Gooiland Hilversum
Galerie Zur Stockeregg Zürich
Frankfurter Kunstmesse Frankfurt
Art Index Amsterdam
DHV Amersfoort
Holland Art Fair The Hague
Frans Jacobs Fine Art, Amsterdam
Galerie RUDOLFV, Amsterdam
Cachou Artelier, Amsterdam

Kodak Rochester exhibited the collection "The images of thought". For publicity purposes the collection traveled around the world and was displayed at many locations.